If there is one thing in your home you want to rely on, it’s your toilet. However, problems do happen occasionally, and you should be prepared. Here are the most common problems and toilet repair solutions. These problems are generally easily fixed without the aid of a professional plumber.

Overflowing Toilet Bowl

Your toilet overflows when it gets clogged. You should already have a plunger at hand. When facing a clog, place the plunger inside the bowl and keep pressing down toward the bottom. Keep pushing down and lifting up as you create enough pressure to unclog the toilet. Be firm, but don’t press hard enough to splash water out of the bowl. It can take up to a dozen plunges to have the water drain easily.

Faulty Toilet Handle

If the handle on your toilet doesn’t work properly, you won’t be able to flush. More than likely, the handle is broken or jammed. Turn off the water and carefully lift the top of your toilet tank and check inside. You will see a chain connected to a flapper. This is what drains the water from your tank. The problem may be as simple as the chain no longer being properly connected to the flapper. If that is the case, reconnect the chain and the handle should work.


If the chain is no longer working, you can replace it with a new one. Other problems may be that the bolt that keeps the handle attached has come loose. Tighten the handle and refill your tank with water.


Water Won’t Stop Running

If the water continues to run following a flush, jiggle the handle. If the water stops, the flapper is most likely at fault. Disconnect the flapper and connect a new one. Easy solve.


Leaks At The Toilet Base

A leaky toilet can cause water damage. Check the seal around the wax ring. If that is the problem, it’s time to replace the seal. This means lifting the toilet, which may be quite heavy. Turn the water off first, then turn off the water valve using a wrench. Remove the nuts with a crescent wrench. At this point, you will have disconnected the toilet.


Scrape off any wax residue. Insert a new wax ring by using your fingers and pressing. Reinstall your toilet by reversing the above steps.


Insufficient Flushing

If your toilet isn’t flushing properly, your chain may have loosened, thereby preventing the tank from filling with enough water. Lift the tank and flush. If the flapper closes too early, before the flush has finished, hook the chain more tightly. If that doesn’t solve the problem, check the fill valve. Find the adjustment screw and move it slightly with a screwdriver. This should adjust the water level.

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