Few things are as annoying as a clogged toilet. In addition, clogs can damage pipes and cause even more serious problems. Here are some simple to keep clogged toilets from happening in the first place. Keep in mind that the only things to be flushed are human waste and toilet tissue. Being vigilant about not flushing anything else will help you prevent toilet clogs.

What Should You Flush?

Most toilets see more action than we realize. Coffee grounds, grease, wipes, feminine hygiene products, cat litter, Q-Tips, and other material get flush without our giving it a thought. Some people even flush dirty diapers down the toilet. These can accumulate in your pipe until you end up with a clog.

How can you tell what to flush and what not to flush? Most people don’t hesitate to toss a few coffee grinds or some dental floss into the toilet. This can get confusing because some items, such as various feminine hygiene products, are marked as flushable. To see for yourself, place some toilet paper in one bowl filled with water and a questionable item in a second bowl filled with water. Let these items sit for one hour. You should see that the toilet paper has disintegrated to allow for safe flushing. If the other item is still intact, it is not safe to flush, regardless of what the label reads. Keep in mind that flushing huge amounts of toilet paper at one time is also unsafe.

Small children can find it irresistible to try and flush toys and other items for the simple fun of seeing them whirl down the toilet. Teach your children proper flushing protocol as soon as they are old enough.

You Want A Clear Toilet Tank

The top of the toilet tank can start to resemble a “junk drawer” when it becomes a convenient place to hold bathroom items such as brushes, soaps, shampoo bottles, make-up, etc. These items can easily fall into the toilet bowl and end up down the drain. Keep the top of your toilet tank clear of anything that can be knocked over.


Does Your Toilet Have A Slow Flush?

When you notice that your flush is becoming sluggish, you can assume that a clog is being formed. Address this problem as quickly as possible by using a plunger. This should alleviate the problem because it becomes more serious.

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